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Learn the most in-demand programming language with real-life examples and projects from our experts at Infoverse Academy.

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Programming in Python - Get Training

At our Python course in Lucknow, get a chance to learn from experts of Python language. Our Python course ranges from beginner to advanced levels, and it’s created to help you find a job with a top MNC in Lucknow as soon as you’ve finished your Python training and placement program.

Why Choose Infoverse Academy Python Training in Lucknow?

According to industry standards, Python Course in Lucknow was created by Infoverse Academy with practical content and a syllabus that is 100% practical and develops skills in line with market demands. We offer expert Python instructors who deliver practical-based Python one-on-one lessons with industry standards to help you land a job and work with assurance. Our group will provide you with support for Python candidates to get jobs in top companies for Python Developers.

100% Practical Python Training

Get hands-on real-time python projects and problems.


Earn a professional certificate after completion of the course.

Career opportunities

Get job ready and open hundreds of chances to join IT companies.

Internship opportunities in top companies

Our experienced team will help you in landing internships at top companies.

What makes a Python Certification Course such a good choice in Lucknow?

A vast number of people use the Python language. Many developers utilize it generically, making their life easier. The developers can construct code in a much more practical way when there are third-party modules available alongside open data sources. It places a lot of emphasis on code readability, which is the language’s only goal. Additionally, there is a sizable and vibrant Python community. The programmers are constantly available to assist one another. Python has a broad scope and can be quite helpful to us in the long run. Python’s potential will grow together with the advancement of the AI concept.

Our Python training in Lucknow will equip you with skills and make you job-ready. Students will get professional certificates after completion of the course which will boost their resumes.

Overview of Python Training

  • Python training in Lucknow is offered by Infoverse Academy and was developed by industry experts to meet the demands of the day. 
  • This Python course will assist you in learning the fundamentals of Python programming, including sequences and file operations, conditional statements, functions, loops, object-oriented programming (OOP), modules, and handling exceptions. 
  • It also focuses on GUI programming, web maps, data operations in Python, and other topics. 
  • You will be working on real-world projects throughout this online Python training course, and it will prepare you to pass the PCEP, PCAP, and PCPP Python certification examinations and become a licensed developer. Try our Python course in Lucknow to gain expertise in the Python language.

Tools and Languages Covered in Python Course

Our Python training in Lucknow will teach you in-demand tools and make you job-ready with the thorough Python course.

Course Modules Details

The fundamentals of programming, such as data structures, conditionals, loops, variables, and functions, are covered in this topic. The goal of this course is to start student’s fast coding by providing an introduction to the many tools available for writing and running Python. Additionally, it offers practical coding activities that involve building original functions, reading and writing files, and employing frequently used data structures.

Learn to declare variables in Python. Understand the difference between declaring and initializing variables. In this topic, we will cover different data types used in Python and examine operations on these data types.

Understand flow charts. Study the use of functions and methods used in Python to create simple codes.

Study the definition of List and Tuple, and understand the difference between Lists and Tuples. Also, learn how to use Lists and Tuples in Python Programs.

Understand the basics and syntax of String, List, and dictionary and their use. Use String manipulation to solve real-life problems.

Learn exception handling and understand the use of try-catch blocks in Python.

Handle files in Python. Write code to read and write normal as well as binary files.

In this section students will be introduced to one of the most important topics of Python i.e. Object Oriented Programming. Learn real-world examples of OOP concepts like encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance.

Perform various operations on databases like CRUD using python.

Learn to write functions in Python. Understand how to import modules and packages in Python and learn different applications of Python packages.

Study everything about the Numpy package and learn how to use it in data preprocessing.

Write a program to automate email sending using the power of Python.

Learn to Use Sockets in Python. Write Socket Program using Python socket module. Build a Python Socket Client with an Example. Make a Multithreaded Socket Server.

You will discover how to develop those applications in this topic. You should be able to create your own comprehensive desktop software.

Course Duration


Training Fee

Rs. 17990/- (GST Exclusive)

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Job prospects after completing a Python Programming course training in Lucknow

Testing, web development, software creation and upgrades, scriptwriting, and other uses for Python are just a handful. You will have more career options in Python than you can think if you master this ability. Python gives you access to a number of opportunities that no other programming language can. You may receive the best Python training in Lucknow at Infoverse Academy. You can train to be a software engineer who is an expert in Python or a data scientist who utilizes Python to increase the value of data for companies. You will never run out of opportunities, whether you are a seasoned Python coder or a recent graduate.

Recent Reviews from Students

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Thank you for your simple examples to better understand the power of Python as well as all your extra info here and there!
Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh
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As an experienced developer of a different language who enrolled in the course, I thought it to be excellent for covering the fundamentals and going into sufficient depth. excellent harmony between passages that are more complex and those that are simpler.
Pallavi Iyer
Pallavi Iyer
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Best Python training in Lucknow I came across. All concepts are explained in detail.
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The syllabus for the course is excellent. They have covered every aspect of Python in detail. I really enjoyed this Python course in Lucknow.
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All of the lectures are the most excellent I have heard recently.
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I have tried many courses on Python but this Python course in Lucknow has the best projects and real-life examples. Very nice content.


Anyone working in the IT industry needs to be able to write code to solve issues and automate solutions because the field of IT is evolving quickly. The Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate will give you the most up-to-date, employable abilities to advance your profession.

There is no prerequisite for this course in programming. Further courses will demand knowledge of fundamental IT concepts such as operating systems, files and procedures, networking, and data management.

Yes, You will get a certificate of completion of the course.

For the Qwiklabs/graded examinations, you’ll need a desktop or laptop computer, a high-speed Internet connection, and a current web browser. For the greatest experience, we strongly advise that your computer is running a recent OS, that you have administrative rights to change OS permissions, and that you can download your own editor.


We firmly advise that you have Python installed on your computer in order to get the most out of this program. You’ll need a computer where you can install Git, or you can ask your administrator to do it for you, in order to take some courses.

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Our team will guide you in getting internships at IT companies.

The IT industry today has a tonne of work prospects. Python is preferred above other languages by the most well-known and in-demand job profiles, such as data scientists, data engineers, developers, machine learning engineers, and practitioners of artificial intelligence. So you may shape your career in these domains with Python skills.

 The average annual income for a Python Developer in India is 4.3 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 2.0 Lakhs to 8.5 Lakhs. Salary projections are based on wages of 9.9k paid to Python developers.

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Yes, We at Infoverse Academy provide complete placement guidance for the enrolled students who complete the course.