HTML and CSS Course in Lucknow

Use HTML and CSS, the two most significant web languages, to build your first few online pages. You don’t need to know how to code!

Placement Opportunities

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 Programming to create your own website

In our interactive practical modules, you’ll create webpages from scratch and learn how to use CSS to style them so they appear even better. This course will teach you how to implement your website ideas, even if you don’t already know how to construct websites.

Even if you have never developed anything before, you should take this course. We’ll go over all the fundamentals of page design, but we’ll also make sure you feel at ease with the more complex CSS3 features so you can expand on what you’ve learned. And if you’ve already created some fantastic pages, that’s terrific! You can be confident you’ll have all the essentials you need to keep creating wonderful things after taking this course.


Why Choose Infoverse Academy is best for HTML and CSS course in Lucknow?

A well-known HTML and CSS training center in Lucknow is Infoverse Academy. The HTML and CSS course is the best option for you if you feel that the internet and websites inspire you. From straightforward layouts to complicated ones, web design and development oversee the process of constructing a website. A website specialist creates a site page using images, content, HTML5, CSS3, data engineering, responsive website composition, colors, text styles, and other logical elements. If you’re looking for the top online or in-person web development and design institute close to Lucknow, Infoverse Academy will more than live up to your expectations.

100% Practical HTML and CSS Training

Learn through implementing the teaching practice.


Get a professional certificate from infoverse academy.

Career opportunities

Make your way towards hundreds of career opportunities as a web developer.

Internship opportunities in top companies

Crack your dream internship at top MNCs

Training Highlights

7 Important topics covered

Learn essential topics from HTML and CSS to start your journey as a web developer.

Learn language

Get your hands on in-demand tools and work with trending programming languages.

Online and Offline Training

We teach both offline as well as online modes to cover all the concepts in detail.

20 Hours of Learning

20 hours of curated learning with doubt resolution support.

Work on Live Projects

Build live projects and add them to your resume.

Video Library of recorded classes

Get access to recorded sessions to watch at your comfort

Certifications from Infoverse Academy

We will provide you with a professional certificate after the completion of the course.

Internship Program

We provide complete assistance so that you can crack your dream internship.

Career mentoring

Our counselors are available all the time for helping you with your career-related queries.

Tools and Languages Covered in HTML and CSS Training

Fast-track your career in web development by learning essential and in-demand HTML and CSS tools. Develop your own website and become a certified web developer with Infoverse Academy’s HTML and CSS training in Lucknow.

HTML5/CSS3 skills you will acquire


Building real-world websites requires real-world skills

Gain valuable web development skills. Become an expert in HTML5 and CSS3. Create Real World Websites with extreme professionalism.


Design beautiful web Pages

Using HTML5 and CSS3, create your own website design templates. Create beautiful pages by using fundamental web design components.


Forms in HTML5 with cutting-edge features

Learn to use form tags in HTML5 and take input from users. Generate a completely functioning form to take different types of inputs.


Achieve pixel-perfect precision when styling pages

Use CSS like a pro and give your website an awesome look with the latest animation and transition techniques. Also, learn to make your website responsive.

Course Modules Details

This is the first module of this course. In this module, you will learn about basic terminologies from HTML and CSS. It will also teach you all the necessary concepts for this course.

Learn HTML syntax and write the very first HTML code. Understand tags and use different types of HTML tags for your website.

Build HTML forms to collect data from users using form tags and placeholders. Learn the use of different types of buttons.

Learn concepts of CSS and style your website using the power of vanilla CSS.

Study advanced concepts of CSS like flexbox and use them to style your website.

Learn how to use animation and transition fields in CSS and make your website more attractive.

After you are done with developing your website, this module will teach you to make your website all device friendly.

Course Duration


3 Months

Rs. 12000/- (GST Exclusive)

Job prospects after completing HTML and CSS Programming training in Lucknow

For people interested in working on technical projects or landing a career in web development, application design, or software development, HTML and CSS are fundamental programming languages. To qualify for crucial positions, employers often want software development applicants to have advanced technical and coding skills. After studying HTML, you have access to a variety of profitable job prospects. 

Building static and dynamic websites requires a thorough understanding of HTML and CSS. To design web pages, maintain security, and ensure a functioning, a web developer needs technical expertise. User interfaces and website layouts are created using HTML and CSS. You can even work as a freelancer or a web project manager after completing this HTML and CSS course in Lucknow. Enroll for this course and open hundreds of doors of opportunity to land your dream job.

Recent Reviews from Students

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Excellent course includes all topics, from the fundamentals to implementation. Although it doesn't delve too far into each subject, it encourages us to become familiar with documents.
shubham Yadav
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Amazing course; topics are clearly taught and logically connected. Highly advised.
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Really enjoyable experience. It leads you through every topic without lecturing you along the way and forces you to reflect on your own methods for solving difficulties. solid 10/10.
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This course is incredible! My comprehension of web developing has improved. Thank you Infoverse Academy!


Yes, we have separately added downloadable content for every module.

You will get a certificate of completion after completing the course.


Anyone with the interest to learn can join this course. No prior knowledge is needed.

Visit the official website of Infoverse Academy to register for this course.

Our team of experts will guide you until you land a job after completing this course.

Yes, you will be able to develop fully functioning and attractive websites after completing this course.

You can ask your queries in the Q&A section and our experts will answer them as early as possible.


We have a separate team of experts who will guide you in improving your resume.

All the topics of this course will be covered in detail in 20 hours.

The average annual income for a Web Developer in India is 3.0 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 1.1 Lakhs to 7.0 Lakhs. Estimated incomes are based on 21.4k wages from web developers.