HTML and CSS Course in Allahabad

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Learn HTML5 + CSS3 Programming to create your own website

You can take this HTML and CSS course in Allahabad by Infoverse Academy without any prior programming experience! All developers and web designers should be familiar with HTML and CSS since they are excellent starting places for learning how to write code. Use HTML to create the content of your page, and CSS to give it a beautiful appearance. You’ll discover everything there is to know about these two dialects and how they combine to render all of your favorite websites.

In order to create websites that are adaptable, beautiful, and user-friendly, HTML and CSS work together seamlessly. While CSS is used to present the page, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is used to display content on the page. HTML is a markup language, not a programming language, as it explains the semantic structure of a Website together with presentation cues. HTML enables the embedding of objects and images, and it can be used to develop interactive forms.

Choose Infoverse Academy for Best HTML and CSS Training in Allahabad.

Infoverse Academy is well-known for its HTML and CSS training in Allahabad. If you feel that the internet and websites inspire you, the HTML and CSS course is the perfect choice for you. You will learn HTML and CSS in this course by creating and delivering some fantastic projects. It also features coding challenges and is entirely interactive. Since there are no prerequisites, even complete beginners can use it.

You will discover more about HTML, the fundamental building block of the web, throughout this course. You’ll discover how to build websites with this resemblance to a tree. Additionally, CSS will teach you how to style a website. The CSS syntax, selectors, and units will be covered. You will also become familiar with code editors and a browser’s developer tools along the process.

100% Practical HTML and CSS Training

Learn through working on real-life projects based on HTML and CSS. Utilise interactive code environments in your browser to practise as you learn.


Get a professional certificate from infoverse academy.

Real-Time Project Training

Develop real-time projects and improve your development skills. You will also get a chance to work on real-life case studies.

Internship & Job Placement Support

Infoverse Academy provides graduates who successfully complete the HTML and CSS course in Allahabad with Job Placement Assistance. Gain access to internship and career opportunities with the aid of our knowledgeable staff.

Course Highlights

7 Important topics covered

We will cover 7 essential topics that are a must for every web developer to know while learning HTML and CSS. These topics will help you to start your journey as a web developer.

Learn tools and language

Master all the tools and languages needed to create your own website using HTML and CSS. These tools will help you in building beautiful dynamic websites from scratch.

Online and Offline Training

To cover all the concepts in detail in an interactive way we conduct classes both offline as well as an online mode for students.

20 Hours of Learning

Get access to 20 hours of well-organized learning sessions where we will take you through all the essential topics.

Work on Live Projects

Put your learning to the test and improve your skills by working on real-time projects and building amazing websites.

Video Library of recorded classes

Watch recorded lectures at your comfort from our video library of all the recorded sessions.

Certifications from Infoverse Academy

After completing the course get a professional certificate from Infoverse Academy which you can add to your resume.

Internship Program

We provide assistance in cracking the internship after completing the course to all the enrolled students.

Career mentoring

Our career mentors are available 24/7 to solve all your career-related queries and help you in your placements.

Tools and Languages Covered in HTML and CSS Course

We will teach you all the powerful tools which are needed for creating a website using HTML and CSS. This HTML and CSS training in Allahabad is designed to cover all important tools and languages required for a kick-start in the field of HTML and CSS.

HTML5/CSS3 skills you will acquire


Building real-world websites requires real-world skills

Learn useful web development techniques. Learn HTML5 and CSS3 inside and out. Create websites for the real world with the utmost efficiency.


Design beautiful web pages.

Make your own website design templates using HTML5 and CSS3. Use basic web design elements to create appealing pages.


Forms in HTML5 with cutting-edge features

Learn how to take user input using HTML5 form tags. Create a fully functional form that can accept various inputs.


Achieve pixel-perfect precision when styling pages

With the newest animation and transition techniques, you can use CSS like an expert to give your website an excellent appearance. Learn how to make your website responsive as well.

Course Modules Details

Learn the fundamentals of HTML to provide the groundwork for creating and editing web pages. The course’s first module is this one. You will learn about fundamental HTML terms in this module. You will learn all the topics required for this course from it as well.

The basic HTML topics covered in the beginner’s book are expanded upon in Learn to Code Advanced HTML. This lesson teaches the most recent HTML tags for any designer wishing to complete their front-end expertise.

You’ll learn how to create a straightforward HTML form, about HTML form elements, styling forms, how to assist users when they need to re-enter data, how to make sure the form is secure and accessible, how to test your forms, and about other form kinds.

CSS foundational concepts including the box model, cascade and specificity, flexbox, grid, and z-index will be covered. You’ll also learn about functions, different color schemes, gradients, logical properties, and inheritance to become a well-rounded front-end developer capable of working with any user interface.

Use complex CSS concepts like flexbox to style your website by studying them.

Discover CSS3 animations’ true power. Using keyframe animations, you can add sophisticated and intricate motion to your page. the most recent and sophisticated CSS3 techniques.

How to adapt webpages to user preferences and device capabilities will be covered. In conclusion, you’ll also be aware of what responsive design might look like in the future.

Course Duration


3 Months

Rs. 12000/- (GST Exclusive)

Career Scope after completing HTML and CSS Programming training in Allahabad

Within weeks of getting started, you can use HTML and CSS as basic tech abilities (and programming languages) to work on real projects. If you want to work in technology, they are the place to start, regardless of whether you choose to pursue front-end development, back-end development, web design, graphic design, or even digital marketing.

You can get compensated if you have a skill that enables you to create a product that someone else needs! Despite the fact that many people are familiar with HTML and CSS, clients and businesses will still pay for these talents.

While it is true that there will always be designers and developers with skill sets more sophisticated than your own, employers often seek out and hire for entry-level roles. Sometimes a company will demand HTML and CSS as a minimum requirement and expect new hires to rapidly pick up complimentary skills.

Students Review

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This lesson was really beneficial for someone without any prior knowledge of HTML or CSS. Thanks to Infoverse Academy, learning from the beginning to the very end was a terrific experience.
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Yes, the training is really instructive. From these courses, I'm learning a lot of new stuff. Excellent practice and a really excellent description.
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The courses are excellent and presented in a very straightforward manner with thorough explanations. The examples are quite useful, and the explanations are clear.
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It was very incredible. The lecturer is quite clear in their explanation of the concepts. It is time well spent. Many thanks.


JavaScript should be your next step if you want to continue your web development career. You can also look at Infoverse Academy’s web design course offered in Allahabad.

At least in comparison to comprehensive programming languages like JavaScript and Python, HTML and CSS are comparatively simple to master. The majority of people begin with programming when entering the field of web development, and no prior experience is necessary.

Yes, HTML and CSS are the cornerstones of the contemporary web. HTML and CSS are the building blocks of website development and are used to create everything you see online in your browser.

The greatest approach to learning is to create little, exciting tasks. You must learn how to write basic HTML and CSS before you can begin the projects. You can acquire the knowledge required to design your own project in this course. In addition, you will construct enjoyable projects throughout the course.

Salary varies from company to company after completing an HTML course and landing a job as a web designer. Your beginning compensation as a new employee can range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month.

A person with experience may be paid between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 40,000

The mentors who prepared the videos included in this free HTML online course are experts in the area with years of expertise. They have created the course to be simple to learn because they are conscious of the demands of various learners.

Using HTML and CSS, there is a tonne of work to be had on quite few projects. The simplest solution is to start creating straightforward websites for customers who require a professional online presence without a lot of frills (you’ll need to learn WordPress or JavaScript to start adding intricate features, but many clients don’t require anything spectacular).

On websites like Upwork or Fiverr (opens in a new tab), you can find one-time freelance employment, but pursuing small contracts on those platforms might start to feel like an uphill battle.

Although some people do find niches there and make a lot of money, it’s a difficult method to make a large amount of money. It’s a great way to gain experience and make some money on odd jobs, though.

Yes. After you finish the HTML and CSS training in Allahabad with Infoverse Academy, we do provide job support. Our placement team will help you find your desired job after you complete your certification course by conducting interviews, updating your resume, and doing other tasks.

Yes, You will be provided a professional certificate after completion of this HTML and CSS training in Allahabad by Infoverse Academy.