Graphic Designing Course in Lucknow

This course will teach you how to mix conceptual tools with the fundamentals of graphic design, giving your projects new inspiration and a fresh perspective.

Placement Opportunities

Advanced Certification Graphic Designing Course in Lucknow

We provide the best website designing course in Lucknow which doesn’t require any prior knowledge, so it can be suitable if you’re trying to decide whether a career in graphic design is right for you. This is a very popular choice for graphic design students who need to complete academic requirements for their capstone project or advance their graphic design abilities. You will be adequately prepared to begin working on real projects with the help of the course materials.

graphic designing course in Lucknow

About Graphic Designing Course

One of the coolest careers, the graphic design combines technical proficiency with creative talent in an interesting way. The profession of graphic design is the best one to pursue if you want to tell tales through images. In a period of rapid technological advancement, enrolling in Graphic Design courses exposes you to a market that is constantly expanding and in need of creative experts to produce eye-catching images and graphics that may effectively transmit messages.

Infoverse Academy provides the best graphics designing course in Lucknow where you will learn all the essential graphics designing concepts in detail. Work on real-life projects and get a professional certificate after completion of the course.

Why InfoVerse Academy?

The course that Infoverse Academy offers will help you lay a solid foundation in all you need to know about the history of graphic design and what the field’s future will include. Because it is designed for newbie graphic designers and lets you learn at your own pace, beginners will especially enjoy this course.

In other words, this course of study strikes a good balance between design theory and practical instruction. You can include the completion certificate from Infoverse Academy to your CV.

100% Practical Training

Get hands-on experience in graphics designing.


After you complete our graphics design course in Lucknow, you will receive a certificate.

Career Opportunities

Your dream job in the IT industry can be yours with the help of our graphics designing training in Lucknow.

Internship Opportunities

After the course, we assist in securing an internship as a graphics designer.

Program Overview

24+ course modules

More than 24 modules to cover every single concept in depth.

All Graphic tools to learn

Learn in-demand graphics designing tools.

150 Hours of Learning

You can become an expert in graphics design with 150 hours of learning.

25+ Case Studies and Live Projects

Get your hands on 25+ case studies and live projects to test your learning.

Video Library of recorded classes

On-demand recorded video sessions to watch at your comfort.

Online and Offline Training

Our qualified instructors will instruct you both offline and online, thoroughly covering every subject.

Certifications from Infoverse Academy

Get a professional certificate from Infoverse Academy after completion of the course.

Internship Program

a dedicated team to assist students in securing internships.

Career mentoring

Personal mentors are always available to help you with questions about your career.

Get Your Hands On Graphic Tools

Learn to use in demand graphics designing tools like Adobe XD and Photoshop. Master these tools and build amazing projects.

Skills Covered in Graphic Designing


Design-oriented inner eye

Learn how you can lead the viewer’s eye to your layout


A project-based aesthetics approach

Work on real projects and design aesthetic models.


Colour and Visual judgement

Understand the visual judgement and use colours in various aspects.


Customising vector graphics

Study vector graphics and use them in real projects.


Image editing, creating, cropping, and effects

Master image processing including editing, creating, and cropping images.


Graphic design layout for industry-oriented products

Design layouts for business products that will attract customers.

Course Modules Details

In this course, students will acquire a number of crucial abilities in the field of graphic design. This foundational skill set will prepare students for formal graphic design courses and serve as a springboard for additional work in editorial design, interface design, and motion graphics.

You will first learn some essential terminologies, useful shortcuts, and how to launch a new project in Adobe Photoshop. The next step is to teach you how to add a photo to Adobe Photoshop, crop it, and utilize the healing brush tool on your photos.

Learn everything there is to know about the selection tool and how to use it to enhance your photos. Finally, you will discover many methods for saving your project so you can use it later or come back to it later.

Master the various Photoshop tools and be able to explain their usage. Utilize Photoshop’s numerous tools and modify their settings.

Learn the fundamental skills and methods required to produce expressive artwork and designs with CorelDRAW, the potent graphics program.

Learn your own unique shortcuts and best practices. The main CorelDraw tools and effects, along with instructions for use. how to use CorelDraw to design your own business cards and logos.

Discover how to work with text, make use of CorelDRAW’s new Font Manager and large font collection, add and edit photos, automate activities with scripts and macros, create colour palettes, and set up your CorelDRAW projects for printing.

You’ll discover how to use Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based design application that allows you to create any type of marketing content you desire, including logos, symbols, icons, patterns, and compositions for posters, websites, social media, and other media.

You’ll discover how to use Adobe Illustrator to make objects. We shall first examine the components of the application interface. You’ll discover how to create, copy, and scale artboards, as well as personalize your workplace.

You’ll discover how to employ pre-made color libraries and organize color groupings. You’ll discover that text in Adobe Illustrator can be found in both framed and unframed states.

This course covers an introduction to Canva, an examination of the Canva Dashboard, and instruction on using the Canva platform to produce animated films.

Learn fundamental design principles that will apply to all of your design tasks. Learn all the features of Canva to consistently produce beautiful outcomes.

You will learn how to use the many parts, including text, photos, elements, videos, and audio, present on the Canva dashboard to construct your designs and how to use the Canva Platform to produce stunning animated films from the start.

Using Adobe XD, a well-known design program, you will create a responsive website. You will carry out the entire design process, including understanding users’ needs, identifying their problems, coming up with design solutions, making wireframes and prototypes, and putting designs to the test to collect feedback.

Understand foundational concepts in UX design, such as user-centered design, the design process, accessibility, and equity-focused design. Identify the factors that contribute to great user experience design.

You will discover industry-recognized theories and techniques for creating effective user interfaces (UIs). Additionally, you will have shown this proficiency through a thorough Capstone Project that may be presented to potential employers in the quickly expanding UI design industry.

This module focuses on the development of wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, and clickable prototypes, which are all applications of early UX research to real user interfaces.

Learn to design buttons and icons using UI tools.

Learn to design webpages using adobe XD and Figma.

Study different types of prototypes and use them in building real-time projects.

Try different types of transitions and make your design attractive.


Learn to design different types of components and symbols from scratch.

This is the most interesting part of the course where you will learn to animate your design using different types of animations.


Course Duration


6 Months

Rs. 40,000/- (GST Exclusive)

Job prospects after completing Graphic Designing training in Lucknow

There are several work prospects in various contexts in the graphic design industry. Your graphic design abilities can help you become a creative director, production artist, art director, marketing specialist, or brand designer in addition to working as a web designer, illustrator, animator, or product developer.

The majority of web design firms use graphic designers. To deliver fantastic looks to photos, web documents, movies, and many more web applications, they collaborate closely with web designers. These days, many businesses are looking for young and talented graphic designers because the position is flexible.

Recent Reviews from Students

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The best learning experience I've had so far was in this graphic design course, which was my first. Each segment has clear instructions and assignments to complete and discuss. My skills were much enhanced, and I am eager to continue learning and developing as a graphic designer.
jhanvi sharma
Read More
Since I appreciate graphic design, I recently started the course, and it looks extremely intriguing.
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I like it a lot. I'm learning something new in every lecture, and it's precisely what I wanted. I'm hoping that this education will help me launch a successful career.
Meghna yadv
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very easy to understand. clear and simple instructions I've really been able to improve my Photoshop and Illustrator skills thanks to this training! I'm thrilled to be obtaining this certificate, and I want to thank the teacher for making everything so obvious, helpful, and informative.


You will get a certificate of completion after completing the course.

You can ask your queries in the Q&A section and our experts will answer them as early as possible.


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Infoverse Academy is the top graphics design training facility in Lucknow. Our 360-degree graphics design training curriculum feeds, develops, and trains talent through a case-based, live project methodology.

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Graphics designers have a wide range of opportunities in India. You can work as art director, creative designer, logo designer, illustrator designer and many more.

The average yearly pay for graphic designers in India is 3.0 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 1.0 lakhs to 6.1 lakhs. Estimates of salary are based on 41.3k wages from graphic designers.