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Start your journey to become digital marketing expert with our  in demand courses and grow your business with our Advanced digital marketing course in Lucknow.

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Best Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow With Advanced and Core Modules

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing with our thorough course, which has been designed by industry experts. Our modules are designed by experts which will cover everything you need to learn to become a digital marketing expert and loaded with plenty of real-world projects and exercises to help you put your knowledge into practice.

digital marketing course in Lukcnow

What's the hype! Why Digital Marketing Course?

Digital marketing is continuously evolving as new platforms are developed, which is one of the reasons a career in the sector is so interesting. A manager of digital marketing constantly monitors trends and their effects on discoverability.

The world still has a place for traditional marketing, but because it is more accessible and has better data, digital marketing is quickly replacing it.

Marketing managers can now see exactly where visitors are coming from, what they are doing on the website, and which strategies are yielding the best returns on investment. Professionals are better able to demonstrate their value, and leaders are better able to identify the most successful tactics thanks to this data-driven approach. Replicating successes will take the guesswork out of running campaigns in the future.

Why InfoVerse Academy?

Looking for the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow? You are then in the right place. In the present era, businesses are placing an increasing amount of importance on the quickly expanding field of digital marketing. You can take classes from Infoverse Academy to acquire the abilities, information, and tools required to work as a successful digital marketer. You will obtain a thorough grasp of the digital world and build the skills required to succeed in this constantly changing industry through a combination of lectures, hands-on activities, and real-time case studies. Obtain a certificate once the course is complete.

Best Training

Get a chance to learn from specialists and become a digital marketing expert.


Get a professional certificate after completion of the course.

Career opportunities

This course will make you job ready and you can easily land your dream job.

Program Overview

25+ Course Modules

More than 25 modules to cover every single concept in depth. Notes are provided for each module.

Online and Offline Training

Our experienced teachers will teach you online as well as offline to explain all topics in detail.

200 Hours of Learning

200 Hours of learning to make you a digital marketing expert.

20+ Case Studies and Live Projects

Get our hands on 20+ case studies and live projects to test your learning.

Video Library of recorded classes

On-demand recorded video sessions to watch at your ease.

Learn 30+ Marketing tools

Learn in-demand marketing tools and enhance your skill set.


Get a certificate of completion after finishing the course for adding to your resume.

Internship Program

A special program for helping students in getting internships.

Career mentoring

Personal mentors are available all the time to guide you with your career-related queries.

Resume assistance

Learn how to make a professional resume.

Job assistance

Curated team for helping you in landing a job after completion of the course.

Get Your Hands On Digital Marketing Tools

You will be able to implement appropriate plans in the appropriate way with the support of digital marketing tools. These tools are made to keep things organized and provide you the flexibility to customize things as needed.

Course Modules Details

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and offer insights into important techniques utilizing web-based platforms in the course’s first module. Additionally, it will concentrate on consumer-friendly material that aids firms in standing out in crowded industries.

Explore the ideas and resources you’ll need to successfully create a marketing plan for a company, a product, or a service. Learn how to segment, target, and position your product successfully by first comprehending consumers and the primary market research tools.

In this module of Website planning and development, you will learn the technical skills required to design websites as well as graphic arts, digital and interactive design, online programming languages, web standards, and usability.

Learn the proper methods for conducting keyword research for search engine optimization. It’s the very first and most crucial SEO step.

Improve your Google My Business listing by learning how to do so. Learn what citations are and how to create them properly. the best way to handle false reviews on your GMB listing. How to configure Google Ads in the GMB dashboard for your local business. Learn about the Google formulas that determine the outcomes of local searches.

discovers the essential tactics that content marketers employ to profitably attract and hold onto customers. You will learn how to create, plan, and implement a content marketing strategy, evaluate and measure the success of content marketing, write persuasive copy, apply a strategic framework when writing, and use content marketing to establish your professional brand and authority. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use content marketing to develop your own personal brand and put the concepts you’ve been given into practice.

From the fundamentals of Google Ads to more complex ideas, this session guides you. Learn how to use various Google Ads tools to run various Google Ads campaign trials. Learn how to differentiate between opportunities offered by paid and organic listings.

You’ll learn how to use Google to search or browse. You will gain practical knowledge about searching and browsing. Additionally, you’ll discover how to conduct website or online search.


You will learn how to optimize website content for the highest search engine ranking in this lesson. In addition to learning the theory behind Google search and other search engine algorithms, you’ll develop useful, real-world skills that you can use to pursue a career in digital marketing or online content creation, such as on-page and off-page optimization, optimizing for both domestic and foreign markets, conducting website audits with a search-focused focus, and integrating SEO with overarching business strategies.

Utilize a demo account to get practice utilizing Google Analytics. Gain expertise by receiving thorough training.

You’ll learn about email marketing and go over subjects including developing an email marketing plan, putting email campaigns into action, and assessing the effectiveness of those initiatives. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use workflows, automation, and mailing lists.

Students will learn how to configure conversion tracking throughout this session, as well as how to properly grasp Google advertisements audiences and the Google display network.

Learn the fundamental ideas behind producing video advertising. Utilize your newfound talents to create lucrative video advertising and start earning money. Develop self-sustaining systems.

Learn how to use lift studies to evaluate the impact of advertising and split testing to improve your campaigns. Learn how to evaluate the ROI of your marketing, comprehend how advertising performance is measured across platforms and devices, and become an expert at explaining the outcomes of your social media marketing to others inside the organization.

Study Security Measures To Limit Ad Spend. How to Create Custom Audience and Correctly Duplicate Ad Sets. You will learn about optimizing campaign budgets (CBO)

You will gain a thorough understanding of how to use Twitter as a powerful marketing tool for your business or brand after finishing this session. Through practical demonstrations, discover the fundamentals of Twitter marketing, customer service involvement on Twitter, and numerous ad and hashtag possibilities.

Discover LinkedIn Sales Navigator and A Guide To Various Marketing Techniques. Understand the Dos And Don’ts Of LinkedIn Marketing By Analyzing Various LinkedIn Profiles.

You will learn in-depth strategies for growing your subscriber base and improving the position of your video content in this section of the course. Learn YouTube marketing so you can apply the industry’s finest strategies to increase the number of views on your videos using YouTube SEO, recommendations, YouTube Ads, and YouTube Live.

Learn how to create an effective Instagram-themed, company, or personal account. Recognize the terms used in Instagram’s growth marketing and platform-specific terminology.

Learn the foundation for establishing your target market, business goals, and lead generation objectives. This section also goes over how to engage and entice prospects with powerful branding and content. Then see how to create a strong offer and call to action that smoothly guides prospects through the purchase process.

Understand the basics of remarketing campaigns and how to begin creating one from scratch. Designing new audiences, developing cross-channel campaigns, and boosting value for more effective remarketing efforts by identifying targeted audiences with Google Ads and other marketing channels are some examples of how to become familiar with various audience types and remarketing strategies that suit the particular needs of your product, audience, and ecosystem.

Course Duration



Rs. 29499/- (GST Exclusive)
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Rs. 49499/- (GST Exclusive)

Job prospects after completing a digital marketing course in Lucknow

Digital marketing is a career that is continuously expanding and has many opportunities. A career in digital marketing has become more and more popular and offers several benefits. It offers chances in a variety of sectors and organizations, including marketing divisions of all sizes of businesses, advertising agencies, and digital marketing companies. Because many businesses today desire to have a strong online presence, the digital marketing course in Lucknow is beneficial for career progression. 

There are numerous employment options in the rapidly developing field of digital marketing. Social media, copywriting, search engine optimization, inbound marketing, and other fields may be covered by digital marketing specialists. There are usually excellent job opportunities in this field. A job in digital marketing will give you valuable skills and real-world experience.

Recent Reviews from Students

B. Teja Venkata Sai
B. Teja Venkata Sai
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Great course. It is far, far more than I expected. Very well illustrated. After completing this, one will reach an expert level in digital marketing.
K.D.S. Prakash
K.D.S. Prakash
Read More
Interesting, practical, has clear explanations, easy to follow. I can now delve more into digital information.
Pavuluri Vasundhara Devi
Pavuluri Vasundhara Devi
Read More
Great course to take as a beginner or as a professional looking to refresh your skill set or improve it. Thank you for all the hard work put into this course.
Read More
Thank you infoverse academy Amazing results from this course. It has encouraged me to learn and implement the course insights for my company. It has given me great success just in a few days of implementing it. I am hoping to get a longtime success from trying it out in lots of areas.


Yes, we provide course completion certificates on successful completion of the training session.

If you are any one of the below, then this course is for you

  • Fresher Seeking a Job in the Market
  • Freelancer looking for more assignments
  • Working Professional looking for a job upgrade
  • Entrepreneur looking for business development
  • New Startup business looking for business leads

Given that digital marketing is a worldwide phenomenon, you can search through a variety of international job listing portals to find listed positions in the field. Also, keep in mind that as an Indian national, you are prepared for global excellence after completing this course because of your skill set and experience, as well as the fact that India is a global market.


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