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Best Digital Marketing Course in Allahabad With Advanced and Core Modules

With the help of Infoverse Academy’s Digital Marketing course in Allahabad, you can develop a dynamic profession in the field of digital marketing. This course uses a blended learning approach and includes a curriculum that goes through all the fundamental ideas of digital marketing, including SEO, SMM, SEM, and email marketing.

The combination of theory, real-world projects, and case studies in this course is ideal. It offers thorough explanations of a variety of digital marketing concepts, including SEO, Social Media, Marketing Analytics, and Email Marketing. This certification course has been especially designed for recent graduates and working people who want to learn more about careers in digital marketing.

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Why Digital Marketing Course?

You can use digital marketing to promote your business globally, boost sales, establish a strong brand, or inform the public. You can choose keywords to track the performance of your content, interact with potential consumers on social media, and improve your organic search results by using the SEO principles. The fact that most of its tools are free is the finest part about digital marketing.

Why InfoVerse Academy?

The digital marketing courses offered by Infoverse Academy teach you the skills necessary to launch a career in the field. You can retake a course for free up to a year after you first take it, and classes are small with knowledgeable professors. Those prepared to enter the field can enrol in live online digital marketing courses from any location in the world or attend in-person classes at Infoverse Academy Allahabad.

100% Practical Training

Get hands-on experience in digital marketing.


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With the help of our digital marketing training in Allahabad, you may land an internship at the best company in the marketing industry.

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Program Overview

25+ Course Modules

To thoroughly address every idea, there are more than 25 modules. Each module comes with notes.

Online and Offline Training

Our qualified instructors will instruct you both offline and online, thoroughly covering every subject.

200 Hours of Learning

You can become an expert in digital marketing with 200 hours of learning.

20+ Case Studies and Live Projects

Access more than 20 case studies and real-world projects to put your knowledge to the test.

Video Library of recorded classes

Recorded video sessions that are available for on-demand viewing.

Learn 30+ Marketing tools

Enhance your skill set by learning more than 30 in-demand marketing tools.

Certifications from Infoverse Academy

After completing the course, you can obtain a certificate of completion to add to your resume.

Internship Program

A dedicated scheme to help students in obtaining internships.

Career mentoring

Personal tutors are always available to help you with questions about your career.

Resume assistance

Become proficient at creating resumes.

Job assistance

A crew that has been carefully selected to assist you in finding work once the course is over.

Get Your Hands On Digital Marketing Tools

Master the most in demand digital marketing tools with our digital marketing course in Allahabad and become a professional digital marketer.

Course Modules Details

Introduce some fundamental marketing concepts to jumpstart your digital marketing journey. In this subject, you will become familiar with marketing and digital marketing vocabulary as well as the history, fundamentals, and customer lifecycle.

Discuss the ideas and resources you’ll need to successfully create a marketing plan for a company, a product, or a service. Learn how to segment, target, and position your product successfully by first comprehending consumers and the primary market research tools. Continue by analysing the four critical areas in marketing, the famous four Ps of Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Get the support you need for your ideas, then promote the actions through a marketing plan.

With this website designing and planning curriculum, you may improve your design abilities. The students will get knowledge on how to produce artwork that the public can view on a digital screen.


As you are led step-by-step, you will advance from a beginner in keyword research to a high-level expert.

Find out how to make listings on Google My Business that will stand out when people conduct internet searches using your free account.

You will discover the fundamental techniques that content marketers do to profitably attract and keep clients. You will learn specifically how to create a content marketing plan.

This Google Ads (AdWords) module will assist you in creating your Ads account, selecting the best keywords, creating compelling ad copy, and monitoring and optimising the status of your ads.

Learn more about Google Search Console and how it can help your site perform better in searches.

Understand how search engine algorithms work and how they impact organic results. Learn by doing as you optimise a digital presence using on-page, off-page, competitive analysis, and keyword research.

Learn how the tool functions, what data is available, and most importantly, identify the product’s commercial value. Know which Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics 4 reports are crucial.

Utilise this lesson to advance your career as an email marketer. Learn how to create an email strategy first, then how to plan and create email content, how to target emails and comprehend email deliverability, and how to analyse email marketing strategy.

You will discover how to choose your target market and extend the reach of your Google display ad campaigns.

Study the fundamentals of Google Ads. Video ad viewers, formats, and inventive production techniques.


With the help of this session, become familiar with social media platforms and marketing. Discover how websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn operate.

Utilise Facebook Marketing Strategy, Ad Retargeting, Remarketing, and More to Master Facebook Advertising and Grow Your Business.


You will gain a thorough understanding of how to use Twitter as a powerful marketing tool for your business or brand after finishing this lesson. Through practical demonstrations, discover the fundamentals of Twitter marketing, customer service involvement on Twitter, and numerous ad and hashtag possibilities.

Learn everything about LinkedIn and study some important aspects to promote your content on LinkedIn.

The fundamentals of the subject are covered in this session, as well as storytelling and marketing techniques and some of the YouTube marketing tools.

Many of the key ideas in promoting businesses, goods, and services on this extremely powerful social media network will be covered in the Instagram marketing module.

This topic highlights how to use compelling branding and content to attract and lure prospects, as well as the framework for establishing your business and lead generation objectives and target audience.

Discover how to create and carry out a successful remarketing campaign using data analytics and targeted audience-focused advertising.

Course Duration



Rs. 29499/- (GST Exclusive)
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Rs. 49499/- (GST Exclusive)

Career Scope after completing a digital marketing course in Allahabad

As the globe becomes more technologically literate, demand for digital marketing is increasing dramatically. It is essential to comprehend its significance on a larger scale. Businesses are realising this, and brands are putting a lot of effort into learning how to leverage digital marketing to their advantage.

Digital marketing has a broad range, and it is a platform that works well for corporate branding and promotions. Since practically all age groups are quite active on digital platforms, reaching large audiences and promoting becomes very simple. Based on these statistics, training centres for digital marketing have emerged to inform aspiring professionals about the field and its potential.

Recent Reviews from Students

Harish Kumar
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I learned a tonne from the Facebook Ads chapter of this in-depth and highly educational course on digital marketing. Anyone who is interested in learning more about digital marketing should definitely check it out, in my opinion.
Ram Tiwari
Read More
There are so many fantastic themes in digital marketing, in all honesty! Nothing is left out, and I now have a solid understanding of digital marketing to begin my path.
Read More
A fantastic course practically all of the key subjects needed for successful digital marketing are covered in a clear, short manner. After I finished the course, my life and career may have altered, thus I give Pouya all credit for being such an incredible teacher and person.
Prince Joshi
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Beginners will find the course to be simple to understand, and each topic is thoroughly covered so you can learn a tonne about digital marketing.


It is one of the very few online or offline training in India that offers both a full digital marketing training and a course on website construction and planning.

Yes, students will receive a course completion certificate from Infoverse Academy after completing the course. Can I learn Digital Marketing from my city with this certification programme?

Yes, we offer distance learning courses in digital marketing, and there are no geographic restrictions on who can enrol. You may apply from anywhere in India.

Anyone can enrol in this diploma programme in digital marketing, including students, professionals, freelancers, web marketers, marketing entry-level professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and businessmen and businesswomen who are new to digital marketing or already work in the marketing industry and want to expand their online businesses, pursue careers in digital marketing, or join jobs in the field.

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing – HOD
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Manager
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Executive
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Manager
  • PPC / Paid Marketing Executive
  • PPC / Paid Marketing Manager
  • YouTube Channel Executive
  • YouTube Channel Manager
  • Email Marketer

You can start a career in digital marketing without any coding experience or programming knowledge.

Yes, taking a degree in digital marketing is worthwhile. There are many ways to learn digital marketing, but the most important thing is to pick the correct programme. You can enrol in a comprehensive course that covers every aspect of digital marketing, and after completing that course, you can enrol in specialised courses tailored to your career or areas of interest.

Depending on how you learn digital marketing, the answer is both yes and no. However, the reality is that not all paid digital advertisements are successful. For example, while SEO-optimised pages may generate a lot of traffic, that traffic may not be relevant because the users may not need or value what you are offering. Additionally, social media ads are costly and many campaigns fail to generate a return on investment.


Therefore, the items in the previous sentence will happen more frequently if you learn digital marketing without developing your notions, as you won’t be able to read market trends and have more unfavourable effects.

Your learning about the entire digital marketing ecosystem is the goal of a digital marketing course.


In addition to providing practical experience, Infoverse Academy’s digital marketing courses in Allahabad also teach you the fundamentals of the field, enabling you to understand the complexities of the practical work required across the sector to meet goals and objectives.

We provide two different types of batches having durations of 3 months and 6 months respectively.